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Sorceress of the Golden Wood

A title for Galadriel among the Rohirrim

The Golden Wood of Lórien lay only just beyond the northern borders of Rohan, but nonetheless the Rohirrim had little knowledge of the Elves who lived in that wood, or of Galadriel or Celeborn who ruled there. It was known among the people of Rohan that a Lady dwelt in Lórien with extraordinary powers (powers she had used to aid their ancestors in their southward ride) but they considered the land they called Dwimordene to be a perilous place. When Éomer learned that the Three Hunters had been in that land, he was astonished that they had survived, and later Gríma Wormtongue accused Aragorn and his companions of being in league with the mysterious Sorceress who dwelt in the Golden Wood.

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