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Galadriel took up the rule of Lórien after III 1980, and departed into the West on 29 September III 3021 (ruled c.1,041 years)
The land of Lórien
The chief dwelling of Galadriel and Celeborn was at Caras Galadhon
The Golden Wood was a name given to Lórien after Galadriel's planting of golden-leafed mallorn trees there
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Lady of the Golden Wood

A title of Galadriel

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A title given to Galadriel after she settled in the lands along the river Celebrant and took up the rule of the Silvan Elves who dwelt there. It was Galadriel who brought the golden-leafed mallorn trees to that country, trees that had ultimately come out of the West, but would grow nowhere else in Middle-earth.1 The land became known as Lórien, but also commonly as the Golden Wood. With her spouse Celeborn, Galadriel was acknowledged as the joint leader of the Galadhrim - the Elves of Lórien - and thus the Lady of the Golden Wood.



There was a single exception: one mallorn tree in Middle-earth that grew outside the borders of Lórien. This grew from a silver seed given to Samwise Gamgee by Galadriel that grew into a golden mallorn in the Party Field below Bag End in the Shire.

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