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The Party that gave the field its name was held on the evening of 22 September III 3001 (1401 by the Shire-reckoning)1
Southward of Bag End, between Hobbiton Hill and Hobbiton itself
The field's Birthday Party celebrated the joint birthday of Bilbo and Frodo Baggins


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Party Field

The field of Bilbo’s farewell feast

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A large field in Hobbiton where Bilbo held his Birthday Party, and Sam Gamgee planted a mallorn tree after his return from the Quest of Mount Doom. Afterwards used for holidays and celebrations by the Hobbits of that region.



The timeline for this entry shows the period during which the field was known as the Party Field (following the famous Birthday Party held there in III 3001). The field itself would have been rather older than this, and indeed the fact that the large Party Tree grew within the field implies that it had existed for decades, if not centuries.

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