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Descended from Hamfast of Gamwich (born III 2760 or 1160 by the Shire-reckoning); the name 'Gamgee' was first used by Hobson (born III 2885 or S.R. 1285); continued into the Fourth Age
Descendants of Hamfast of Gamwich through his great-grandson Hobson (also called Roper Gamgee)
Originated in Gamwich, but later associated with Tighfield and Hobbiton
A contraction of 'Gammidgy', ultimately 'from Gamwich'
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Gamgee Family

A Hobbit family from the village of Gamwich

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An old family of the Shire, originally from the village of Gamwich; Samwise Gamgee of the Company of the Ring was this family's most famous member, and from him two further branches of the family, the Fairbairns and the Gardners, were descended.

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