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A village-name from the Shire

The name of a village of the Shire, in the language of the Shire-hobbits themselves. The name was composed from two basic elements, galab, 'game', and 'bas', meaning a small village or farmstead. This place is more commonly referred to in its anglicised form, Gamwich, which has the same meaning as the Hobbits' original name.

Little is known about the village itself, but Galabas, or Gamwich, was remembered as being the original home of a family that would later become famous in the Shire. That Hobbit-family from Galabas were known by the surname 'Galbasi', which was shortened to 'Galpsi'. The equivalent anglicised names were 'Gammidgy' and ultimately 'Gamgee': Galabas had been the original home of Samwise's ancestors.

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