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The home of Sam Gamgee’s ancestors

A village or town located somewhere in the Shire, though its exact location is not known. It is important to history as the home of many of Sam Gamgee's ancestors. His great-great-grandfather Wiseman Gamwich came to Tighfield about two hundred years before the War of the Ring, and Wiseman's son Hob Gammidge is recorded as a roper, one of a long line of Tighfield rope-makers. Hob's grandson was Hamfast Gamgee, Sam's father, who left Tighfield for Hobbiton, to start a new life as a gardener.

Tighfield's name is associated with the tradition of rope-making there, and indeed is related to the modern word tie. Hob's son Hobson, and in turn his son Andwise, were said to have practised their skills in a rope-walk (that is, a rope-maker's yard) for many years.

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