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'Hob' is probably short for 'Robin'
'Gammidge' is a corruption of 'Gamwich', the village where Hob was born


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Hob Gammidge

The Roper of Tighfield

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The son of Wiseman Gamwich, who must have travelled with his father when the family relocated from their original home, the village of Gamwich itself, to take up a life in Tighfield. Hob made his living in Tighfield as a roper, and so was the founder of long family tradition. He had a son, Hobson, through whom he became the grandfather of Hamfast Gamgee, and the great-grandfather of Sam Gamgee of the Fellowship of the Ring.

In his older years, Hob acquired the nickname 'Old Gammidgy', a play on his own name 'Gammidge' which was itself a corruption of the village name Gamwich. This playful name itself became transformed into the better known 'Gamgee', and was the origin of Hamfast's and Samwise's family name.

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