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Andwise ‘Andy’ Roper

Sam’s rope-making uncle

"Why, my grand-dad, and my uncle Andy after him, him that was the Gaffer's eldest brother, he had a rope-walk over by Tighfield many a year."
Words of Samwise Gamgee
from The Two Towers IV 1 The Taming of Sméagol

The son of Hobson, the hobbit known as Roper Gamgee, and the eldest brother of Hamfast Gamgee, the Gaffer. Andwise carried on his family's Tighfield rope-making tradition, a tradition that went back at least three generations to his grandfather Hob Gammidge.

It was Andwise's younger brother Hamfast who broke the roping tradition, and travelled instead to Hobbiton, where his distant cousin Holman Greenhand was a gardener. Thus, Andwise's brother Hamfast laid the foundations for the later Gardner family, descendants of Hamfast's son Samwise Gamgee. Of Andwise's own descendants, though, we know almost nothing, except that he had one son, named Anson.

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