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Probably lived in Hobbiton, at least during her early life
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Daisy Gamgee

One of Sam’s elder sisters

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The third child and eldest daughter of Hamfast Gamgee and Bell Goodchild, Daisy Gamgee was born in the year III 2972 (or 1372 by the Shire-reckoning). Eight years later her younger brother was born: Sam Gamgee, later to accompany the Fellowship of the Ring.

Daisy would have been brought up with her large family at number 3 Bagshot Row beneath Hobbiton Hill, but of her later life we have no records. Daisy is not mentioned at the time of Bilbo's Farewell Party, so by this point - when she would have been twenty-nine years old - she had presumably left Bagshot Row to make a life elsewhere in the Shire. Though the details of Daisy's life are unclear, she does seem to have been an important part of the young Sam Gamgee's life; he would later name his eighth child (and fourth daughter) Daisy, presumably after his elder sister.

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