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Halfast ‘Hal’ Gamgee

A cousin of Samwise Gamgee

The only recorded son of Halfred of Overhill. Halfred was the younger brother of Hamfast Gamgee, and so Halfast was an older cousin to Hamfast's famous son Samwise. Like his father, Halfast lived at Overhill near Hobbiton, where he worked for a Mr. Boffin.1 He would travel at times onto the North Moors of the Shire's Northfarthing, and it was there that he claimed to have seen an enormous 'Tree-man' as tall as an elm. It remains unclear how reliable Halfast's account should be considered, but it was certainly met with skepticism when his cousin Samwise reported it in the Green Dragon at Bywater.



The identity of this 'Mr. Boffin' is never stated explicitly, at least in the published text of The Lord of the Rings. He was originally named as one 'Fosco Boffin', son of Jago Boffin, but in the genealogies of the Boffin family Jago's son is named not as 'Fosco' but as 'Vigo'. The simplest assumption would be that Tolkien simply changed the character's name, so Vigo Boffin is the most likely identity of 'Mr. Boffin' of Overhill.

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