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The family seat was in the Yale region of the Shire
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Jago Boffin

Grandfather of Folco Boffin

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The son of Hugo Boffin and Donnamira Took, Jago was a close contemporary of Bilbo Baggins, being born just four years after that famous Hobbit. As the heir to the elder line of the Boffin family, it's likely that Jago became head of the Boffin clan after his mother's death in III 2948 (1348 by the Shire-reckoning), and he would have remained so for twenty-eight years until his own death in III 2986 (SR 1386).

We have no record of Jago's marriage, but it seems that he did have a wife, because we do have a record of a single son, Vigo. Through Vigo, Jago was the grandfather of Folco Boffin, a friend of Frodo Baggins who assisted him in his move from Bag End.



There is a real name Jago, which derives ultimately from the Hebrew name 'Jacob', meaning 'supplanter' (because Jacob supplanted his brother Esau in the Bible story). The name Jago also appears in history as the name of a legendary British King, and in the form 'Iago' as a villainous character in Shakespeare's Othello. Any of these would be plausible as Tolkien's ultimate source of the name.

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