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Presumably raised at Great Smials, but would probably have removed to the Yale after her marriage
donnami'ra too'k
Literally 'lady wonderful'1


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Donnamira Took

One of the Old Took’s many children

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The tenth of the Old Took's twelve children, and his second daughter, Donnamira married Hugo Boffin of the Yale. As the younger sister of Belladonna Took, she was one of Bilbo Baggins' aunts. Though the family trees in earlier editions of The Lord of the Rings give no information about Donnamira's descendants, the drafts for the Appendices (given in volume 12 of The History of Middle-earth, and included in later editions of The Lord of the Rings) give a great deal more detail. According to that source, Donnamira and Hugo had two children, Jago and Jessamine. Through Jago, Donnamira was the great-grandmother of Folco Boffin, and through Jessamine, she was also an ancestor of Fredegar Bolger.



This slightly curious derivation makes more sense in the context of Donnamira's sisters Belladonna and Mirabella. Together the three names ingeniously recombine the elements bella, donna and mira to form variations that are each individually meaningful.

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