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Latterly occupied Bag End with her husband Bungo
bella'donna too'k
'Belladonna' literally means 'beautiful lady', but it is probably intended as a reference to the plant also called 'Deadly Nightshade'


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Belladonna Took

The mother of Bilbo Baggins

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Eldest of the three daughters of Gerontius, the Old Took, Belladonna inherited the curiosity and adventurousness that were often associated with the Took family. In her youth she knew Gandalf, and he spoke of her with respect in turn. She married into the Baggins family when she wed Bungo Baggins, who built a magnificent Hobbit-hole for her in Hobbiton Hill. This was Bag End, said to have been built partly with Belladonna's own considerable wealth.

Bungo and Belladonna had one son, the famous Bilbo Baggins, who lived with them at Bag End throughout his early life. Belladonna herself lived until the age of eighty-two (having survived Bungo by eight years) and left Bag End to her son. He lived there alone and contented for the next seven years, until he was paid a fateful visit. Remembering the remarkable Belladonna, Gandalf selected her son to accompany Thorin and his Dwarves on the Quest of Erebor, and so Bilbo became drawn into the great events at the end of the Third Age.

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