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A 'primula' is a type of flowering herb1


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Primula Brandybuck

The mother of Frodo Baggins

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The youngest of the seven children of Master Gorbadoc Brandybuck and Mirabella Took, Primula's mother was a sister of Belladonna Took the mother of Bilbo Baggins, making Primula herself a cousin of Bilbo. She married into the Baggins family when she wed Drogo Baggins, and the two had a son, the famous Frodo Baggins. They lived at Drogo's home (we're not told where, but presumably he dwelt in Hobbiton like most Bagginses) but often visited Primula's parents at Brandy Hall.

It was during one of these visits that Primula and Drogo were drowned in the River Brandywine. Details of the event are scarce; some rumours said that they went boating by night, and Drogo's great weight sank the boat. Others claimed that Primula herself was the cause of the disaster, and that she had pushed her husband overboard and then been pulled into the river in turn. Whatever the details of the drowning, it left their son Frodo an orphan at the age of twelve. He was eventually adopted by his mother's cousin Bilbo, and removed from Buckland to live at Bag End.



The word primula is actually Latin for 'first', because flowers of this kind were said to bloom in spring before any others.

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