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Founded in III 2340, or shortly thereafter
Expanded by Gormadoc 'Deepdelver' Brandybuck from approximately III 2800
Within Buck Hill in the north of Buckland, near the eastern bank of the Brandywine River
Built by Gorhendad Oldbuck after his settlement in Buckland
Close to the village of Bucklebury
'Brandy' is probably from Branda, meaning 'border'1


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Brandy Hall

The seat of the Brandybuck family

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Map of Brandy Hall

The ancestral home of the Brandybuck family, a deeply-delved smial in Buck Hill, in the central regions of Buckland on the banks of the River Brandywine.



Therefore 'Brandy Hall' would be the 'hall on, or across, the border' (of the Shire, that is). There's room for doubt here, because the element 'Brandy-', as a connection between the names 'Brandywine' and 'Brandybuck', only really exists in Tolkien's anglicised versions. In principle the Hall might have been named after the river - Bralda-hîm to the Hobbits - making it something close to 'Ale Hall', but this seems rather less likely.

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