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Headstrong Family

An ancestral family of the Brandybucks

A little-known but important family in the history of Buckland. Two hundred and fifty years before the War of the Ring, the family was sufficiently prominent for one of its members, Malva Headstrong, to marry into the Brandybuck family. Malva's husband Gormadoc became Master of Buckland, famous for expanding Brandy Hall. All of the subsequent Masters, down to and including Meriadoc Brandybuck, were therefore descended in part from the Headstrong family.

Though the Headstrongs were clearly an important family historically, we have no record of any other member of the family in the centuries after Malva's time. At the very least this seems to suggest that the family had diminished in stature or size, and perhaps there were no Headstrongs left in Buckland or the Shire at the time of the War of the Ring.

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