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Presumably removed to Brandy Hall from Great Smials after her marriage to Saradoc Brandybuck
Esmeralda is pronounced 'esmera'lda'
Esmeralda means 'emerald'


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Esmeralda Took

The mother of Merry Brandybuck

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The youngest child of Adalgrim Took, and therefore a great-granddaughter of Gerontius, the Old Took. Born in III 2936 (1336 by the Shire-reckoning), she would have been just five years old when Bilbo Baggins set out on his great adventure into the East. She married Saradoc Brandybuck of the line of the Masters of Buckland, and would presumably have removed to Brandy Hall at that time. With Saradoc and his father Rorimac (the Master at that time) she attended Bilbo's famous Birthday Party in III 3001. Seven years later, her husband became Master in his own right.

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