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ro'rimac bra'ndybuck
Uncertain, though (especially given the nickname Old Rory) possibly connected to Irish 'Rory', 'red king'; the -mac ending is obscure
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Masters of Buckland

The son of Gorbadoc Brandybuck, who inherited the title of Master of Buckland from his father. He was present at Bilbo's famous Birthday Party, and indeed was noted as being the first to suspect that Bilbo's disappearance at that party meant that 'Mad Baggins' had gone off on another adventure. He was nearly a hundred years old at that time (being commonly known as 'Old Rory'), and he lived for another seven years. The title 'Master of Buckland' passed on to his elder son Saradoc, and in time to his grandson Meriadoc of the Company of the Ring.

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