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The only known member of this family, Menegilda Goold, lived between about III 2900 and III 3000 (1300 and 1400 by the Shire-reckoning)1


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Goold Family

The family of Menegilda Goold

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A family of Shire-hobbits, or perhaps Bucklanders, of whom the only known member was Menegilda Goold. Menegilda married into the Brandybuck family; indeed, she wed Rorimac, the Master of Buckland, and so her family would presumably have achieved some prominence, at least in the later years of the Third Age. After Menegilda's time, the Masters of Buckland were each partially descended from the Goolds, through the line of that passed on to Menegilda's son Saradoc and her grandson, the famous Meriadoc Brandybuck.



Menegilda's dates are not given, and the estimates given here assume that she was closely contemporary with her husband Rorimac Brandybuck, who we know lived from III 2902 to III 3008. It may perhaps be notable that while Rorimac is mentioned several times in connection with Bilbo Baggins' Birthday Party in III 3001, there is no indication that Menegilda was present. This is hardly conclusive, but it may be that Old Rory had become a widower by this date.


As a real surname, 'Goold' can imply either that a family's ancestors were golden-haired or that they were notably wealthy. This might suggest that the Goolds of the Shire were descended from Fallohide stock (a branch of the Hobbits with typically fair hair). On the other hand, Menegilda was doubly connected with riches (her name contains gilda, a thing of value, and her husband had the nickname 'Goldfather'), so that latter interpretation is perhaps more likely.

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