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Founded in III 2340, or shortly thereafter
In Buckland, directly to the east of Brandy Hall
Probably founded by Gorhendad Oldbuck1
Associated with Brandy Hall, the home of the Brandybucks
Perhaps from Buckland-bury (that is, the town of Buckland)2


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A village on the banks of the Brandywine

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The chief village of Buckland, lying in the shadow of Buck Hill, seat of the Master of Buckland, on the banks of the River Brandywine.



There are no specific records of the founding of Bucklebury, but its close association with Brandy Hall, and its status as the chief village of Buckland, both suggest that it dated back to the time of Gorhendad Oldbuck and Buckland's foundation.


Tolkien does discuss the origin of the name, but he seems uncertain of its origins himself. An alternative source would be Buekenbury, 'town of the bucks' (which would presumably be a reference to the Brandybucks who were so prominent in the area).

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