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In Buckland, on the eastern banks of the River Brandywine
Brandy Hall, the home of the Brandbuck clan, was excavated into the hill; parts of the village of Bucklebury lay on its eastern slopes
Associated with the Brandybuck family
Probably derived by association with the names Oldbuck and Brandybuck1


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Buck Hill

The hill that held Brandy Hall

A hill overlooking the village of Bucklebury in Buckland, deeply burrowed with the smials that made up Brandy Hall, the ancestral home of the Brandybuck family.



It seems to follow that Buck Hill could not have been called 'Buck Hill' before Gorhended Oldbuck settled in Buckland and began the delving of Brandy Hall. If the hill had a name before this time, it is not recorded.

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