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Mad Baggins

A name given to Bilbo Baggins

"...eventually Mad Baggins, who used to vanish with a bang and a flash and reappear with bags of jewels and gold, became a favourite character of legend..."
The Fellowship of the Ring I 2
The Shadow of the Past

After his escapades with Wizards, Dwarves and Elves - not to mention a particularly ferocious Dragon - Bilbo Baggins returned to the Shire with a share of the gold recovered from Erebor. Such an adventurous lifestyle was not approved of in the quiet Shire, and he came to be looked on as eccentric and unpredictable by his fellow Hobbits. They were proved amply correct at his 111th Birthday Party, where he used his Magic Ring to disappear into thin air, leaving his inheritance to Frodo Baggins. Even at that time, he was known to some as 'mad Baggins', but the name grew in significance over the years as the story of his life was slowly jumbled and rearranged, so that Mad Baggins eventually became a fantastical fairytale figure.

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