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III 2908 - III 3007 (1308 - 1407 by the Shire-reckoning, lived 99 years)
Very doubtful, but possibly related to a Welsh word for 'grim'


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Saradas Brandybuck

A son of Gorbadoc Brandybuck

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One of the seven children of Master Gorbadoc Brandybuck of Brandy Hall. His eldest brother was Rorimac, who inherited the title of Master of Buckland and continued Gorbadoc's line. The youngest of Saradas' sisters was Primula Brandybuck, and through her Saradas was one of Frodo Baggins' uncles. Saradas was one of those who attended Bilbo's Birthday Party in III 3001: at that date he would have been ninety-three years old.

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