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Dinodas Brandybuck

One of Frodo’s uncles

Frodo Baggins had a total of five uncles and three aunts, among both the Baggins and Brandybuck clans. One of these uncles, on his mother's Brandybuck side of the family, was Dinodas, the youngest brother of Master Rorimac of Brandy Hall. Dinodas was probably born in the year III 29161, but little is recorded of his life, except for the fact that he attended Bilbo's Farewell Party in III 3001.



No date of birth is given for Dinodas in the The Lord of the Rings, but from that source we can say for sure he was born between III 2913 and III 2920, because those are the dates of birth of the sisters who immediately preceded and followed him. In the drafts of Appendix C given in volume 12 of The History of Middle-earth, Dinodas does not appear, but in his place is a character named 'Priamus', who was born in III 2916 and lived until III 3010. These dates fit well with the few other facts we have about Dinodas.

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