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Shire-hobbits, but later lived among the Bucklanders
Presumably raised at Great Smials, but would have removed to Brandy Hall after her marriage
mirabe'lla too'k


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Mirabella Took

Frodo’s maternal grandmother

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Mirabella was one of the youngest of the Old Took's many sons and daughters - in fact, of twelve children, only her brother Isengar was younger. She married into the Brandybuck clan, becoming the wife of Gorbadoc of Brandy Hall. With Gorbadoc, she had a large family of her own. Among her seven children were Rorimac, Gorbadoc's heir as Master of Buckland, and Primula, who was the ill-fated mother of Frodo Baggins.



'Wonderful' is the direct meaning of the name Mirabella (which derives from Latin mirabilis, 'wonderful' or 'extraordinary'). Mirabella's name also connects her to her two elder sisters Belladonna and Donnamira: the three names are each constructed from the elements bella, donna and mira in different combinations.

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