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III 2948 - at least III 30011 (born 1348 by the Shire-reckoning, lived at least 53 years)
Probably from Welsh Ceredig, meaning 'Cherished'


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Seredic Brandybuck

A descendant of Master Gorbadoc

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A grandson of Gorbadoc Brandybuck, Seredic was thus a descendant of the Masters of Buckland, though his own father Saradas was Gorbadoc's third child, and thus belonged to a minor line of the family. Seredic married Hilda Bracegirdle and had three children: Doderic, Ilberic and Celandine. The entire family is recorded as being present at Bilbo's famous Birthday Party in III 3001. Coincidentally, Seredic Brandybuck was born in the same year as Théoden, the later King of Rohan.



We have no records of the date of Seredic's death. We do know that he attended Bilbo's Farewell Party in III 3001, when he would have been fifty-three, but Hobbits typically lived much longer than that. It is entirely likely, therefore, that Seredic would have seen at least several decades of the Fourth Age.

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