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A name of Madoc Brandybuck

The nickname or title given to Madoc Brandybuck, eldest son and heir to the patriarch Gormadoc Deepdelver who greatly expanded Brandy Hall. Madoc succeeded his father to become Master of Buckland more than a hundred and eighty years before the War of the Ring. Though we are told little of Madoc's history, his title of 'Proudneck' suggests that he was not only an especially proud Master, but also a rather obstinate and stubborn one.

In earlier versions of the Brandybuck histories, Tolkien gave each of the Masters of Buckland a title or epithet in Latin, before choosing to translate those titles into English for the published Lord of the Rings. In those earlier genealogies, Madoc is 'Madoc Superbus' (which literally translates as 'Madoc the Proud'). Tolkien's rendering of superbus as 'Proudneck' rather than simply 'Proud' presumably reflects a degree of haughty stiff-necked pride in Madoc's character.

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