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Sadoc is pronounced 'sah'dok'
Probably something similar 'battle-eager'1


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Sadoc Brandybuck

The second son of Master Gormadoc

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Gormadoc Deepdelver of Brandy Hall had three sons: Madoc, Sadoc and Marroc. The eldest, Madoc, inherited his father's title and became Master of Buckland, giving rise to a line that eventually led to Meriadoc Brandybuck and beyond. Both Sadoc and Marroc founded lineages of their own, too: in Sadoc's case, he had many descendants through two unnamed sons. Meanwhile, his daughter Salvia married into the Bolger family and gave rise to a line of her own.



Sadoc's name seems to derive from the Welsh Cadog, 'battle-eager', though some sources suggest instead that it developed, through Welsh, from the Biblical name Zadok (from the Hebrew for 'just'). Tolkien presumably selected this particular form to resonate with other names with the Brandybuck family, especially Madoc and its variants.

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