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Vigo Boffin

The father of Folco Boffin

The son of Jago Boffin, Vigo belonged to the eldest line of the Boffins, and would presumably have become head of the family after his father's death in III 2986 (1386 by the Shire-reckoning). Though the Boffin family was traditionally associated with the Yale in the Shire's Westfarthing, Vigo seems to have made his home at Overhill near Hobbiton.1

Vigo's son had a minor part to play in the story of the War of the Ring: this was Folco Boffin, the friend who helped Frodo Baggins move out of Bag End. Vigo himself survived the privations of the War, and lived on for another nine years after the defeat of Sharkey.



Early in The Lord of the Rings, Sam Gamgee mentions that he has a cousin Halfast who ' for Mr. Boffin at Overhill...' (The Fellowship of the Ring I 2, The Shadow of the Past). At the time this was originally written, this 'Mr. Boffin' was one 'Fosco Boffin', a character that did not survive into the final book. His place as the son of Jago Boffin was taken by Vigo, and so presumably when Sam referred to 'Mr. Boffin' of Overhill, it was Vigo Boffin that he had in mind.

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