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The towers on these hills were built sometime after II 33201
A range of hills to the southeast of the Grey Havens, lying directly east from the Gulf of Lhûn, and directly west from the Shire
The towers of the Tower Hills were built by Gil-galad for Elendil of the Dúnedain
The towers were built by Elves, but used (for at least part of their history) by Men
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Tower Hills

The Emyn Beraid west of the Shire

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Map of the Tower Hills

A name for the Emyn Beraid, the hills west of the Shire, home of three ancient Elf-towers. The tallest of these held the Elendil Stone, the last of the palantíri of the North.



The towers were said to have been built by Gil-galad for his friend Elendil. The tallest of these, Elostirion, was built to hold one of the palantíri of the North-kingdom. They must therefore have been raised after Elendil and his sons had settled in Middle-earth, and after the division of the Seeing-stones had been agreed upon, so II 3320 is the earliest possible date.

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