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Created by the inrushing Sea during the cataclysms at the end of the First Age
A deep gulf flowing from Eriador out through the Blue Mountains and Lindon
Fed by the River Lhûn after its course was changed at the end of the First Age
One unnamed tributary flowing southward out of Forlindon
Into the Great Sea between Forlindon and Harlindon
Lhûn is pronounced approximately 'loon'
The name of the Gulf comes from the River Lhûn, which in turn means 'Blue' (that is, the river flowing out of the Blue Mountains)
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Gulf of Lhûn

An immense northern inlet of the Great Sea

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Map of the Gulf of Lhûn

The gulf of the Great Sea where the River Lhûn had its outflow, separating the lands of Forlindon to the north and Harlindon to the south. The Grey Havens lay at the eastern end of this gulf.

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