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Gulf of Lune

The great northern firth of Middle-earth

The long gulf that stretched out to Sea through the northwestern lands of Middle-earth. The River Lune emptied into its eastern end, and the Gulf broadened slowly as its waters flowed westward for more than two hundred miles. Before it reached the Great Sea at its western end, promontories from both north and south stretched across its mouth, forming a last narrow entry into the Sea.

At its eastern extent lay Mithlond, the famous Grey Havens of Círdan. Further west, the Gulf divided the Elvish land of Lindon into two: Forlindon to the north, and Harlindon to the south. Also on the shores of the Gulf were two further Elvish havens: the Harlond halfway along its southern shore, and the Forlond on the northern coast, near its outlet to the Sea.

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