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Running eastwards into the main river Lune, some two hundred miles northward of the Grey Havens
In the northern Blue Mountains
Into the river Lune
Lune is pronounced 'loo'n'
Lune is a corruption of Sindarin Lhûn, meaning 'blue'


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Little Lune

A tributary of the River Lune

Map of the Little Lune

The main River Lune rose in the far north of the Blue Mountains and ran southwards towards its outflow into the Gulf of Lune. About a hundred and fifty miles from its source, it was joined by another lesser river that rose in the same mountains and ran eastwards to flow into the main Lune. This lesser river was known as the Little Lune, and was important as marking the historical northern boundary of Lindon. To its south lay the lands of the Elves of Lindon, while the mountainous lands northward were the preserve of the Dwarves.

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