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Mountains of Lune

The western edge of Eriador

An occasional name used to refer to the Blue Mountains, also called Ered Luin or Ered Lindon, that fringed Eriador to the west. The name 'Lune' is an adaptation into Mannish speech of Elvish Lhûn, 'blue'. Blue was a colour widely associated with this region, and the word is also preserved in the names of a Gulf and a River associated with the mountains.

In ancient times, the wide lands of Beleriand lay beyond the mountains to the west, but after the cataclysm at the end of the First Age, the Sea came close to the mountains' foothills, with only the narrow land of Lindon to their west. The Mountains of Lune were a traditional home of Dwarves, and though their great mansions of Nogrod and Belegost had been lost centuries beforehand, there were still Dwarves there in the later Third Age. Indeed, it was from these mountains that Thorin and his companions set out on their famous quest to regain Erebor.

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