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The Grey Havens were founded in II 1; Círdan probably sailed into the West with the Last Ship some time in the Fourth Age
Mithlond, the Grey Havens on the shores of the upper Gulf of Lhûn
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Master of the Grey Havens

A title of Círdan the Shipwright

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Círdan was a very ancient Elf, and a master of ships and sailing. During the First Age he had founded havens on the western coasts of Beleriand, and after their destruction removed southward to the Isle of Balar. After the convulsions at the end of the First Age, he followed Gil-galad to settle in Lindon, and near the mouth of the Gulf of Lhûn he established a new harbourage, known as Mithlond or the Grey Havens. These havens were founded at the beginning of the Second Age, and lasted until after the end of the Third; when the White Ship sailed into the West after the War of the Ring, Círdan had been Master of his Havens for nearly six and a half thousand years.

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