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Warden of Westmarch

The hereditary title of the Fairbairns of the Tower Hills

The Westmarch, the land between the Tower Hills and the Far Downs, was added to the Shire some years after the War of the Ring. Fastred of Greenholm was appointed as Warden by Thain Peregrin in IV 41, ten years after the Westmarch was founded. The title was hereditary, passed by Fastred to his son Elfstan Fairbairn, and associated from then on with the Fairbairns of the Towers.

I Fastred
of Greenholm
From IV 41
At the request of Mayor Sam Gamgee, Thain Peregrin appointed Fastred of Greenholm as the first Warden of the newly settled Westmarch of the Shire. There he established Undertowers in the Tower Hills, and dwelt there with his wife, Sam Gamgee's daughter Elanor.
II Elfstan Fairbairn Fastred was succeeded as Warden by his son Elfstan, who took his personal surname of Fairbairn (or 'fair child') as the name of his family. Elfstan thus founded the family that became known as the Fairbairns of Undertowers, hereditary Wardens of Westmarch and one of the most important families of the Shire-hobbits. We can be sure, therefore, that Elfstan was himself succeeded by his son, though the history of the Fairbairns after Elfstan's time is not recorded in any detail.

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