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Born IV 4 (1425 by the Shire-reckoning)
Brought up at Bag End in Hobbiton
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Rose Gamgee

Sam Gamgee’s second daughter

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The second daughter and third child (after Elanor and Frodo) of Samwise Gamgee and Rose Cotton. Born in the Shire year 1425, or the fourth year of the Fourth Age, Rose was given a common family name among the Cottons: not only was her mother named Rose, but she also had a great-great-grandmother of the same name.

In the published Lord of the Rings, Rose is only mentioned on the genealogical chart for the Gamgee family (though Frodo foresees her birth as he departs from Middle-earth). She does make a brief appearance in the unpublished Epilogue to the book, where Sam calls her 'Rosie-lass'. There we also discover the Elvish version of her name, which is Beril.



'Rose' was a traditional name in the Cotton family; it was name of Rose Gamgee's mother Rose Cotton, and also of her great-great-grandmother, a daughter of Holman the greenhanded, whose name is recorded simply as 'Rose'.

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