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Born IV 15 (1436 by the Shire-reckoning)
Raised at Bag End in Hobbiton
bi'lbo g'amjee
Named for Bilbo Baggins, the Ring-finder


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Bilbo Gamgee

One of Sam Gamgee’s many sons and daughters

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The tenth child and fifth son of Samwise Gamgee and Rose Cotton, born in the fifteenth year of the Fourth Age. He was named for the famous Bilbo Baggins, whose garden Samwise had tended with his father Hamfast (after whom young Bilbo's elder brother Hamfast was named). Indeed Sam's son Bilbo would have lived in the elder Bilbo's home of Bag End, at least during his youth, as Sam and Rose had inherited the famous Hobbit-hole when Frodo Baggins departed across the Great Sea.

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