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Raised in Hobbiton, but presumably settled at Great Smials after her marriage to Faramir Took
A reference to the golden locks of her hair1


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Goldilocks Gamgee

Sam Gamgee’s golden-haired daughter

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A daughter of Samwise Gamgee and Rose Cotton, so named because her fair hair was rare among the Shire-hobbits. She married Thain Faramir I, son of Peregrin Took.



Though it's clear that Goldilocks' name is primarily a reference to the colour of her hair, it does not completely abandon the common Hobbit tradition of naming girls after flowers. The name 'goldilocks' is also used of a type of buttercup with long narrow stems and small golden flowers. The influence of the famous fairy-tale of Goldilocks and the Three Bears is also apparent; presumably this comes from Tolkien as 'translator' of the tales choosing a familiar name to translate the sense of Goldilocks' original (unknown) Hobbit-name.

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