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Born IV 2 (1423 by the Shire-reckoning)
Descended from the Gamgees; a founding member of the Gardner family
Probably lived in Bag End1
fro'do ga'rdner
Named for Frodo Baggins; the name Frodo means 'wise by experience'


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Frodo Gardner

Sam Gamgee’s eldest son

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The second child and eldest son of Samwise Gamgee and Rose Cotton. Born in the second year of the Fourth Age (1423 by the Shire-reckoning), he was named for Sam's old master Frodo Baggins. He met Aragorn and Arwen at least once, at the age of thirteen, when they came to the Brandywine Bridge as they travelled north to Annúminas.

Frodo appears to have inherited Bag End from Samwise, and gave rise to a family who came to be known as the Gardners (though it's unclear whether Frodo himself was a gardener, or simply took the title from his famous father). His line was important enough to merit special attention in the records of the Hobbits: both his son Holfast and grandson Harding of the Hill are shown in the genealogies of the Gamgee family.



Though we're not told specifically where Frodo Gardner lived, there's a reasonable amount of circumstantial evidence pointing to Bag End. First, he was the eldest son and natural heir of Samwise Gamgee, to whom Frodo Baggins had entrusted Bag End before departing from Middle-earth. Second, we know that his family, the Gardners, was considered an important one within the Shire, so would be expected to have a prominent Hobbit-hole as their seat. Finally, Frodo's grandson was known as Harding of the Hill - presumably a reference to Hobbiton Hill - suggesting that Frodo's branch of the family retained an association with Bag End not only in his own time, but through at least two further generations.

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