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Ancestor of Éomer Éadig

Eofor was the third son of Brego, and thus a grandson of Eorl the Young, founder of Rohan. The seat of the Kings of Rohan had been at Aldburg in the Folde, but Brego removed it to Edoras, where he built the great hall of Meduseld. At the feast to celebrate the new hall's founding, Eofor's eldest brother Baldor set out to pass through the Paths of the Dead, and was lost. Thus Brego's second son Aldor became his father's heir, and Eofor was given the lordship of the old capital of Aldburg.

Though it was no longer the seat of Kings, Aldburg remained an important town, and was the headquarters of the Muster of the East-mark. As such, Eofor and his descendants were important nobles in Rohan, throughout the later years of the Third Age. Éomund of Eastfold was said to be descended from Eofor, and thus so was his son Éomer, who fought in the War of the Ring and succeeded Théoden to become King in his own right.

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