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Within the Firien Wood on the eastern borders of Rohan
'Boar wood'


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The boar-wood beneath the Halifirien

Map of Everholt
Everholt within the Firien Wood (partially conjectural)1

'Everholt' is ancient English for 'boar wood'. It was part of the greater Firien Wood that lay at the feet of the Halifirien on the borders of Rohan. In the late Third Age, a boar of monstrous proportions dwelt in this wood: the Boar of Everholt. After driving every last Orc from his kingdom, King Folca of Rohan rode to Everholt to hunt the boar. He found and killed it, but received mortal tusk-wounds in return, and died soon afterwards.



We know that Everholt lay within the Firien Wood, but we're not told its precise whereabouts. However, for the King of Rohan to go hunting there, it seems reasonable to assume that it lay in the western part of wood, on Rohan's side of the border, rather than east of the Mering Stream, where the forests were part of the kingdom of Gondor.

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