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Slain III 28641
Everholt, part of the Firien Wood beneath the Halifirien
Boars (Sus scrofa)
Everholt is pronounced e'verholt
Everholt means 'boar wood'2


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Boar of Everholt

The bane of King Folca of Rohan

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A monstrous beast that inhabited Everholt in the Firien Wood, around the feet of the Halifirien in the White Mountains. The great hunter Folca of Rohan, having rid his country of the Orcs, set out to hunt down the boar. He succeeded, but received mortal tusk-wounds that brought his Kingship to an end.



The typical lifespan for a boar is about ten years, but some exceptional individuals can survive for up to thirty years or so. Given the fame and huge size of the Boar of Everholt, it was probably long-lived for its kind.


The wood seems to have taken its name from this monstrous boar (or perhaps this part of the Firien Wood was occupied by a race of particularly large boars, with the Boar simply being the largest and best known).

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