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Founded III 2510; still extant during the Fourth Age
North of Gondor
'Borderland',1 a contraction of 'Riddermark', 'borderland of the Riders'
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The Mark

The name among the Rohirrim for their own land

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A shortening of Riddermark, the common name for the land of Rohan among the Rohirrim themselves.



The word 'Mark' comes from Old English mearc, which would presumably have been the form familiar to the Rohirrim themselves. It signifies a borderland, especially a land that protected the heartland of another realm (as the Mark of Rohan did Gondor). The name is cognate with 'Mercia', the name of an old Anglo-Saxon kingdom in central England, and also appears, for example, in 'Denmark', the 'borderland of the Danes'.

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