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III 2594 - III 2680 (86 years)
King of Rohan from III 2659 (reigned 21 years)
fre'awineh (the fréa- element is pronunced more or less like the English word 'freer')
Probably 'friend (or companion) of Fréa'1


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The little-known fifth Lord of the Mark

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The son of Fréa and grandson of Aldor the Old. On account of his grandfather's immensely long reign, Fréawine, like his father before him, became Rohan's King in his old age, when he was already more than sixty years old. Little is said of his twenty-one years as King, except that it was a time of peace and plenty in the Mark. Fréawine was succeeded by his son Goldwine.



fréa literally means 'lord' or 'king', but the reference in Fréawine's name is more likely to his father, whose name happened to be 'Fréa'. The notion of Fréawine being his father's 'friend' or 'companion' may not be accidental - Fréa's father Aldor enjoyed an incredibly long reign. This meant that, for the period between Fréawine's birth in III 2594 and Aldor's death in III 2645, Fréa and Fréawine were heirs-in-waiting together for a total of fifty-one years.

Even more remarkably, Fréawine's own son Goldwine, and Goldwine's son Déor, were all born within Aldor's reign. At one point, between III 2644 and III 2645, five generations of the royal house of Rohan were extant at the same time. When old Aldor died, his young great-great-grandson Déor was about one year old.

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