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Upstart vassal of King Helm


A lord of far western Rohan, who was descended from King Fréawine. His lands stood on either side of the River Adorn, which marked Rohan's western border, and it was said that he had Dunlendish blood in his veins, too, from the people of Dunland beyond the border. Nonetheless he was a lord of Rohan and a councillor to its King, Helm.

Freca attempted to strengthen his power in Rohan by marrying his son, Wulf, to Helm's daughter. He travelled to Edoras with a force of Men to compel the King to agree, but instead Helm struck him a deadly blow with his fist. Freca's family and followers fled from Helm's anger, but four years later Wulf returned, invading Rohan with an army of Dunlendings, an invasion in which Helm was killed. Nevertheless, the slaying of Freca was not forgotten by his people, and even at the time of the War of the Ring, more than two hundred and fifty years later, the memory of his death still kindled hatred of the Rohirrim among the Dunlendings.

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