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Founded during the later Second Age1
The western foothills of the Misty Mountains, to the east of Enedwaith
'brown land', from the dark hair and swarthy complexion of its inhabitants


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The wild land of the Dunlendings

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Map of Dunland

A land in the eastern regions of the Enedwaith, beneath the southern Misty Mountains. Its warlike inhabitants were known as Dunlendings, blood-enemies of the Rohirrim.



Dunland was founded by Hill-men travelling northward from the White Mountains during the Dark Years, which places its foundation during the Second Age. We also know that it did not exist at the time when the Númenóreans began their exploitation of Middle-earth in about II 1800, so it must have come into existence within a few centuries of this date.


At different times in its history, Dunland played host to colonies of Stoor Hobbits, and to Longbeard Dwarves, but it was always a primarily Mannish settlement.

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