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The stocky Men of Bree

A race of ancient lineage, the Bree-men claimed a line of descent dating back to the Elder Days. During the Second Age, their ancestors had travelled northward from the White Mountains, through Dunland, and eventually settled around a prominent northern hill. The township they built there, Bree, would grow to become an important meeting point for travellers from north, south, east and west.

In appearance the Bree-men were stocky and brown-haired. They were more accepting of other peoples and races than most Men, due no doubt to the many travellers from strange lands that passed through Bree. In older times, they had brought their own language north with them, and though that tongue ultimately gave way to the Common Speech, remnants of it could still be found in the place-names of the Bree-land. Not least among these was Bree itself, a word meaning 'hill' in the old language of the Bree-men.

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