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Men first settled at Bree during the Second Age; Hobbits did not arrive there until c.III 1300
The Bree-land, east of the Shire
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The Men and Hobbits who lived around the Bree-hill

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In the Bree-land, Men and Hobbits lived peaceably side by side. These two races, identified individually as the Bree-men and the Bree-hobbits (or less formally as the Big Folk and the Little Folk) were collectively described as the Bree-landers. They lived in four communities scattered around the Bree-hill: Bree itself, Staddle, Combe and Archet.

They were a generally friendly folk, at least until the upheavals brought about by the War of the Ring. They had some dealings with the Shire-hobbits, though the road between Bree and their ancient 'colony' of the Shire was less travelled in the late Third Age than it had once been. The Bree-landers maintained their own dialect and customs, including their own unique calendar.

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