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Tom Pickthorn

A Man of the Bree-land

"...and little Tom Pickthorn from over the Hill..."
From Barliman Butterbur's list of the casualties at Bree
The Return of the King VI 7
Homeward Bound

One of the five Bree-landers to lose their lives in the fighting at Bree during the War of the Ring. Though Barliman Butterbur described him as 'little', he was evidently a Man rather than a Hobbit, though clearly not a very tall one. According to Butterbur, Tom's home was over the Bree-hill, which would imply that he came from the environs of Staddle, though he does not seem to have come from the village of Staddle itself.1



The details we have about Tom's home are minimal. Later in his list, however, Butterbur mentions another victim - a Hobbit named Underhill - as coming from Staddle, which would be a strange form of words if Tom Pickthorn also came from the that place. Since the description of 'over the Hill' does not seem to match the other villages in the Bree-land, this implies that Tom Pickthorn lived apart from the main populations of the region.

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